I’m still here

Hello.  Been awhile.

I’ve actually really missed writing but finals week has begun and I just can’t justify writing a whole post when I still have so much to finish.  Not to mention this is my first chance in a while to truly finish a semester and I am so excited to conquer some things that have been hanging over my head for a few years now.

But I still have a week to go before that happens so this is just a check in.  I am really excited though because I have a bunch of ideas for future posts, such as:

1.)  How I handled the stress of finals food wise

2.) How I went to class one day just so I could walk the 3 miles home and what that means to me

3.) Why I am taking African mango extract and how I lost 1.5 ins off my waist 45 days after starting it

4.) My gardening and food plans for the summer

5.) How I want to recreate beautiful foods from Francesca Lia Block books

… and so on.

But not right now.  Right now I have a mound of biochemistry to conquer.

So wish me luck and I’ll be back in a week.  Promise.

Assuming I survive of course.

Haha… ha


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