Summer fast approaching

My insecurities are making it hard for me to truly enjoy the nice, warm weather.  Summer is swiftly approaching and I am already missing the safety of over sized sweatshirts.  I saw a number of thin girls in itty bitty shorts today and that did not help matters.  I was actually quite fascinated how their thighs connect seamlessly into their calves like perfect, long, slender cones.  But then I thought of my own lumpy thighs…

I can’t help wondering how they feel about themselves.  Do they realize how lovely they are?  Or are they dissapointed with what they see in the mirror as well?  Are they content with life because they are thin?  Do they even know what they have?

But I don’t know them.  Any assumptions I make would just highlight my own ignorance.  Just as someone assuming they know me based on my size would highlight their own.  But this knowledge does not stop my envy.

I wonder what I should do when I finally love my legs.  Like truly love them.  Maybe a little heart tattoo on my upper calf.  Or Japanese kanji for love which I’ll find out later actually means lettuce or apple or something.  Hmmmm…  I don’t know if I could make that kind of commitment.

What I will probably do is wear shorts on a walk along the river and just relish the feeling of a breeze on my knees.  Simple I know but if I could walk confidently in such a situation without feeling like I should apologize to everyone who sees my thunder thighs, I will know I truly have arrived.



This is gonna take a while.




I probably should start by not referring to them as “thunder thighs.”


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