What this is all about

I have been thinking about creating this blog for a long time.  I’m actually not very good with these kinds of things because I don’t usually see them through, but this is important enough to me that I have to try.

I am having a very hard time accepting my body.  I have spent the majority of my life trying to change it; make it thinner, better, prettier.  It’s like I am in an arranged marriage with someone I can hardly look at and I can’t stand it.  I need a change that no diet can give me.  I need to love and accept myself.

So, I have decided to start with my legs.  The part of myself I like least are my legs so I figure if I can love and accept them, I can love and accept anything about me.  I am tired of never wearing shorts in the summer.  I find myself ignoring my legs completely as if they aren’t there.  If I don’t think about them, I don’t have to think about how terrible they are.  But as I walk I feel my thighs rub against each other and the frustration and embarrassment always returns.  So, that’s what this is all about.  This blog is meant to document my self-acceptance journey.  It’s not about losing weight or inches.  It is about appreciating my legs, regardless of their appearance, solely because they are mine.  And who is more deserving of my love on this earth than me?



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